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Secrets Of The South Cookbook

Tasty Recipes for Healthy Living

Secrets of the South is proud to present Volume III our most recent cookbook, "Tasty Recipes for Healthy Living." The food journey that must be traveled by all diabetics is a constant point of interest around our house, and so we decided to produce a cookbook with recipes that diabetics could use without any of the normal "adjustments." 

These recipes are meant to be both healthy and delicious, a combination that is far too often a rarity in a society where good tasting food is normally synonymous with bad health. This book will renew your culinary faith in the healthy meal. 

$19.95 Each + S&H

***Don't forget to come back and check out our new cookbook coming in September, Secrets Of The South, Volume IV!***


Pot Lid Cover

Pot Lid Cover

Not only are the pot lid covers we've created adorable, but they are functional too!  No longer do you need to find the potholder to keep from burning your fingers on a hot lid, just pop on a Secrets Of The South Pot Lid Cover and you are good to go! 

Leave the Pot Lid Cover on the skillet lid for safety while cooking, or use it on your serving dishes for decoration.  Everyone will be wanting to know how you came up with this smart idea! 

You can also use it as a "hat" on your sauce bottles to dress up the buffet table.

$5.00 Each + S&H